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Since 2015 we print our models in the Konica Minolta digital printing technology, using innovative polymerised toner technology, which provides superior quality.

Here you can find details of this technology: print.doc

Card models printed in this technology are shinier than offset printed, but the quality of both the thinnest lines and large planes of the same colour as well as illustrations/photographs is excellent.

Limiting the arbitrariness of use some types of glue can be a problem for modeler. Some like Polish butapren type are not suitable as they dissolve toner, but others (polymer, polyvinyl alcohol, water, casein) - for example Minutex, UHU Hart, SUPER GLUE, BCG, Introligatorski (bookbinding), Polymer, Wikol, Anita's TACKY GLUE etc. can be successfully used.

To be sure, you can always try to test glue by using for instance cover of the model, which is also printed digitally. Such models can be easily painted or varnished.

The technology of glueing and forming parts of the model is the same as of the offest printed one. I recommend, however, incise the fold lines always on the unprinted side, regardless of the direction of the fold. It looks much aesthetically than the incision on the printed side, because at the right (or less) angle toner does not crack. Such bending does not require retouching as well..

The rest is a matter of skill and habits ...

Polski Angielski
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