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Get Them While They're Hot!
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cat. no. 0206: BTR-80 (overpriced)

8.75 EUR 6.75 EUR

cat. no. 0507: JAK-17W "MAGNET" (overpriced)
Model overpriced by 40% due to slight damage to cover (eg. some dirt, slight tearing, sticker with price, folded corner, etc.). However, all the elements to cut out are in perfect condition (intact).

6.25 EUR 3.75 EUR

cat. no. A6, 9, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 - Screws, nuts - sale
Sale of the sets of screw/nuts laser-cut in a white cardboard. The offer is valid while stocks last. NOTE: In order placed in "Add Comments About Your Order" it should be clearly specify which sets and ...

1.25 EUR 0.75 EUR

Polski Angielski
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